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1. When will the Project start hiring people?
Construction activities have already started and the recruitment process is ongoing.
2. How can I find out about job opportunities and apply for a job?
You can find out about job opportunities and apply for a job by visiting our recruitment portal on our website. Our HR team will ensure transparent hiring process which will provide opportunities for fair and equal consideration of all applicants. All qualified candidates will be given opportunities to be selected for positions for which they are qualified in terms of education, job experiences and required skills.
3. What qualifications are required to be selected for jobs?
Requirements for a particular position will be dependent on that position. Please, refer to the job listing for the requirements for that particular position.
4. Is there an age limit for job applicants?
In accordance with Nigerian labour law standards and international standards, persons of 18 years and above will be hired by us or our contractors working on the Project.
5. I don’t speak English, should I apply?
All jobs posting requires a solid command of the English language, and it is an advantage to know another foreign language.
6. What kind of work can I do at Dangote?
Hired candidates should have strong academic qualifications and relevant work experience where applicable. Soft skills relevant to the various positions such as effective communication skills, time management skills, leadership skills, creativity etc. are important.
7. How do I apply for a job at Dangote?
Please complete every information/questions relevant to your application in our online portal and upload your CV.
8. Can I send my CV to your contact email address?
No, we recommend that you apply through our online-application system
9. Which email address should I expect a feedback from?
careers.feedback@dangote.com is the only medium of communication to applicants. Any email outside this is a scam, please do not reply.
10. How do I know you have received my application?
Upon successful application, you will receive an email confirming your successful application with a unique candidate reference number.
11. How do I reset my password if I forget?
By clicking on ‘forgot password’ and following the instructions, the system sends a reset instruction to the email address you have on file.
12. What if I have problems logging in?
For connectivity issues, the application portal works better with Google Chrome. Most problems are solved by deleting cookies and browser history.
13.How can I update my information?
The only information available for update once your application form is sent is your contact information-email, address, phone. However, you may upload a new resume to reflect new work experience, education and skills learned.
14.How can I indicate multiple job interest?
You can do so by clicking on the Job Position for which you are eligible to apply.
15.Do you charge any application fees or other fees?
No, please note that at no time will Dangote or an authorized representative of Dangote request financial payment of any kind from candidates as part of her recruitment process.
16. Do you have data protection procedure in your portal?
Yes, we do. Your data is protected in our data base, and used only within the company recruitment data policy. Your data is not shared to a third party.
17.Do I need a resume to apply for a job posting?
Yes, your resume is required of you while registering on the recruitment portal. There is a section created for resume upload.
18. Who can I contact for questions regarding my application?
19. How long before I can apply for another job?
Immediately there is an opened vacancy that suits the applicant
20. If you don’t currently have a vacancy that matches my profile, can I send you my resume?
Yes, we accept unsolicited application and it is review for future openings.
21.How long does it take for an application to be processed?
All applications go through rigours process, but within a month.
22. Do you hire people on a part time basis?
The details regarding any position would be available with the job description
23.Do you consider candidates residing outside Nigeria for all positions?
Yes, If need be, we consider and hire based on the expertise and years of experience for the position we are hiring for.
24.Do you need to meet national recruitment quotas?
Yes, Dangote is committed to adhering to national recruitment quota policy of Nigeria.
25.What are the selection criteria?
You must meet the set minimum criteria for the position, which may include your level of education, your CGPA and competency skills relevant to the position. You will be mailed to come and take a test and if you succeed, you will be called in for an interview.
26.When attaching documents, what size and format should they be?
Attached documents must not exceed 2 MB and doc formats are .pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .ods, .odp.
27.How long is my data stored in your database?
Candidates’ documents are stored for up to a year in our recruitment database, after which, candidates will have to update their account.