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Position Title
Manager Technical Services
Position available for
Refinery Operations Tech Services
Nigeria - Lagos
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Position Description :
We are looking for Operations Technical Services Candidates for Refinery. It is essential that the candidate should have relevant Refinery, experience/Petrochemical Plants experience, to build the World's largest single stream train Greenfield refinery and Petrochemical complex site based candidates for Nigeria, Lagos.
Job Responsibilities :
a. Assures that Refinery operations are achieving the product qualities, yields, energy efficiency and catalyst performance expected for the relevant technologies for a best-in-class operation b. Selects, develops and utilizes process models to evaluate and optimize operating performance c. Supports operations with startups, shutdowns and troubleshooting d. Manages the selection and evaluation of all catalysts and process chemicals in consultation with operations e. Develops technical plans for operating improvements as part of the overall Refinery continuous improvement plan f. Implements technical plans in collaboration with Operations g. Advises Refinery General Manager on crude selection issues h. Leads Refinery program for compliance with confidentiality agreements i. Develops and coaches the technical superintendents to assure and enhance their performance and develops his own and their successors j. Assures the integrity of the Inspection Plan and processes k. Assures the integrity of product testing and certification procedures Initial Project Activities: Oversees and participates in: a. Provision of input to engineering from technical perspective on catalyst issues, advanced control strategies, optimization, start-up procedures. b. Management of technical assistance plans from licensors and others for start-up and initial operation. c. Oversight of establishment of Laboratory, QAQC and Inspection programs d. Technical oversight of detailed operating manuals and procedures e. Participation in the preparation of training program for technical staff and new engineers f. Recruitment of Technical team g. Participation in the establishment/training of HSE/PSM system
Desired Qualification/Preferred Competencies :
BS or MS degree in Engineering (preferably Chemical)Minimum 20 years’ experience in refinery operations, 5 years’ operations senior management experience in a major refinery. Demonstrated expertise with modern operations planning and control systems. Excellent communication and leadership qualities. Track record of commitment to technical excellence, safety and the development of his team.
Contact Information
Email ID :  Recruit14.dorc@dangoteprojects.com
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